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Content Rotator w/AJAX for DotNetNuke 4x/5x/6x
The Smoke Ranch Content Rotator module provides a simple mechanism to rotate any kind of content – images, rich text, and even Flash objects. Intrinsic support for standard images and Flash makes working with those kinds of content simple; while support for rich text means that you have the flexibility of rotating any kind of content that can be created in HTML.

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Rotate any kind of content -- images, rich text, Flash objects.
Intrinsic support for images and Flash make working with them simple.
Specify the order of your content items, or display in random order.
You can control the number of seconds each content item is displayed.
Embedded Flash objects are pre-activated to work around the IE limitation.
Create simple slide shows, rotate customer testimonials, or even display banner ads.
Works with all versions of DNN4x/5x/6x.
Supports multiple instances of the module on a single page.
Full C# source code available.


The User Manual is available in PDF format.


Click Here to View the User Manual
Download the user manual
These screen images are rotated using the Smoke Ranch Content Rotator.
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