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SQL Deluxe Module for DNN
Write interactive reports, run and save SQL scripts, view query results with automatic sorting and paging, and more with this powerful module. Designed for the developer who wants to use SQL to write custom reports without having to create a custom DNN module.

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Querying and Reporting
  • Designed for DNN 5x/6x/7x and SQL Server 2000/2005/2008.
  • Save and manage your SQL scripts.
  • Create interactive, parameterized reports – allow the user to enter data which will be dynamically inserted as parameters to your SQL queries.
  • Automatic sorting and paging.
  • Export any report to Excel (CSV format).
  • Automatic Tokens – insert tokens into your SQL code to dynamically represent common values, such as the current User ID or the current Portal ID. These tokens are automatically replaced with the correct values when the SQL is executed.
  • Interactive Tokens -- insert tokens into your SQL code to represent a value that must be supplied by the user through a TextBox, ListBox, or Drop Down List. Lists can have set values or pull from the database.
  • Connect to multiple databases. The module allows you to define multiple connections, and then specify the desired connection to use for a given report, or when running ad-hoc queries.
  • Optional integration with the Smoke Ranch Ad Banner Manager allows targeted ads to be served based on user-entered data supplied to an interactive report.
Report Formatting
  • Specify css styles for column headers, rows, alternating rows, and paging controls.
  • Add a custom header or footer to each report using text/HTML.
  • Ability to embed HTML in your query means you can dynamically format individual cells.
  • Protection against SQL injection attacks -- interactive reports use parameterized queries, rather than concatenation of SQL, preventing attacks from malicious users.
  • Restrict access to reports based on DNN user role.
  • Optionally force data to be viewed only over a secure SSL connection (HTTPS).
  • DNN 5x/6x/7x
  • SQL Server 2000/2005/2008
Additional Features
  • Unlimited license for use on as many sites and servers as you wish (within your organization) -- Enterprise Edition Only
  • Full C# source code available -- Source Editions Only

The User Manual is available in PDF format.

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Main View

Viewing a Report

Creating a Report

Executing a Query

Executing a Query with Embedded HTML

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